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Short Crust Plus Case for Raspberry Pi (3/2/B-Plus)

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Short Crust Plus is the new version of the Short Crust Case designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Model B+, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and the brand new Raspberry Pi 3 (will also work with the Model A+) by Pi-Supply. As with the previous version the case is designed to look attractive, be easy to use and be adaptable for different types of projects. The new case features a tool less design where the 'smoke'-tinted lid can be easily snapped on and off securely with no rattling. It also features a 'snap in place' mounting method for the Raspberry Pi which keeps it very secure, but easy to remove from the case.

By using snap in mounting for the Raspberry Pi the MicroSD card is kept protected inside the case but can still be easily changed within seconds by removing the lid and Raspberry Pi from the case. Note that this can even be done with all the USB ports still connected. Keeping the MicroSD card inside the case avoids breaks on the outside of the case, allowing it to be as solid and attractive as possible. It also leaves the mounting holes of the Raspberry Pi free to be used for mounting the case to a surface or attaching stand offs to the Raspberry Pi. Stand offs can be attached with screws from underneath the board and the Raspberry Pi can be snapped in and out with these still attached. The use of stand offs is supported by the inclusion of a 12mm extension part with each case. This allows space for attaching components or custom projects to stand offs as well as attaching many of the breakout boards already available for the Pi. The extension part uses the same snap in mechanism as the lid and multiple can be stacked on top of each other, though note that each Short Crust will only ship with one extension piece.

Overall the case is simple, attractive, easy to use and allows flexibility for those looking to use the Raspberry Pi for various different types of projects.

  • Simple, clean design with easy access to all inputs and outputs
  • Raspberry Pi snaps into place - secure, no rattling, and easily removable
  • Raspberry Pi mounting holes still available for standoffs or mounting the case to a surface
  • 'Smoke'-tinted cover for a clean look while leaving the Raspberry Pi visible
  • Tool-less lid design - snaps on and off securely with no rattling.
  • Free extension spacer with every case to give you extra versatility when using add on boards. We are now giving away an extra Spacer with every Short Crust Plus purchase absolutely free!! (Only while stocks last - get yours today!!)
  • SD card is kept protected inside the case, but is easily removable with the snap in design



  • You are purchasing a Short Crust Plus case which includes the base, extension Spacer and smoke tinted lid. The Raspberry Pi Model B+ and Pibrella are used for display purposes only and are not included in the sale.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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