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eMMC Adapter

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Adapts Hardkernel eMMC modules (64GB or smaller) to a standard microSD card connector.

This allows eMMC modules to be read from and written to by using a standard microSD card slot on another computer.  It also allows an eMMC to be used in devices that only accept microSD cards, although the combined size of the adapter plus the eMMC is considerably larger than a standard microSD card.


  • Not all microSD readers are compatible with the eMMC adapter modules and may result in non-bootable images.
  • Not compatible with the Hardkernel 128GB eMMC modules


Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

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Lee Loncosky
Worked well

Vwhat can I say, it works.

Does More Than Write Images

Of course I use this to write images directly to eMMC modules.
That is only one of it's uses.
This VERY inexpensive little adapter gives you the ability to read the images back to your PC for backups or for cloning to another eMMC module. I do this often with my favorite Linux and Android builds. A full backup of an eMMC image is easy to make and can save you hours of time setting up a new eMMC OS image from scratch. If the image is important to you, keep a copy on two separate drives.
One thing to note is in Windows 10 it is not possible to make an image of an eMMC module or SD card that has more than a single partition. Starting with Windows 10, every partition shows up as a different drive letter. For this reason, I keep an inexpensive PC with Windows 7 on it. It will work fine with Win 7, Win 8 and 8.1. I have no idea why it was changed in Windows 10. You can transfer a copy of your image to a Windows 10 PC and write it back to an eMMC module, you just loose the ability to create multi-partition images with Win 10.
If you use eMMC modules on any Odroid SBC this is an absolute "MUST HAVE" item. These adapters are very small and easy to misplace so I would at least buy a couple.

Works good, cheap

Item worked as it should with the emmc's i purchased, used with a cheapo sdcard reader and Etcher fine to use the latest system image perfectly.


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