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USB Bluetooth Module 2

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  • Mini-USB Bluetooth dongle
  • CSR8510 A10 Chipset
  • Classic Bluetooth v2.0 support
  • Bluetooth High Speed v3.0 support
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v4.0 support
  • Hardkernel's Android OS supports only Classic Bluetooth v2.0
  • Ubuntu OS supports all three Bluetooth modes
  • Bluetooth MAC address is not set - if unique MAC address is needed, follow the instructions in the LINKS section below
  • Actual product may differ from picture
  • Systems with only a microUSB port available will need a USB OTG adapter cable to use this item.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Do not buy if you need a stable MAC

The instructions for setting a MAC address did not work with my module, after unplugging/replugging the MAC reset.

David Clark
Won't work in Emulationstation

It's a bluetooth module that works with other OS, but i am guilty of being a casual Odroid XU4 user that games on it. the bluetooth function in emulationstation will not recognize that this adapter is plugged in.

Thanks for the information!

This model is plug-n-play

I use this exact Bluetooth adapter with a C2 and an XU4. As long as whatever OS you are running supports Bluetooth, it's plug-n-play. I've used it on a C2 running Ubuntu 16.4 and with the XU4 running Ubuntu 18.04 and another XU4 running Android 7.1. This model is not the top of the line Bluetooth adapter but I know it works with my boards. I'll take "plug-n-play" over "plug-n-pray" any day.
The XU4 can be very picky about what USB WiFi, Bluetooth or 2.4GHZ game controller adapter it will recognize. You can buy several other brands, models and hope they work but this one is a sure thing.
I would love to find a combo USB WiFi / Bluetooth dongle that works on my XU4s.
I have a feeling I'll be testing more than a few in the hopes I find one that works.
If I do get lucky and find a combo model that works with an XU4 I'll post something on the forum.

Great way to add Bluetooth to SBCs

Just plug it in on most SBCs and it just works. Allows the SBC to connect to Bluetooth devices like headsets, etc. I'm mainly using this on an ODROID-XU4 running Ubuntu 18.04 with my Bluetooth headset to listen to music and watch videos.


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