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"Pre-order" (also sometimes written "preorder") means that the product is not currently in stock and an order must be placed to reserve a spot in line to receive that item as quickly as possible.

Generally, we open an item for preorder after a manufacturer has informed us they are producing a new product, supplies us with preliminary details, and allows us to reserve a certain quantity of product with a non-refundable deposit. Or, if a product has been previously in-stock but is now between production runs, we will take preorders to allow customers to receive the product as soon as available.

Please note:

  • Preorders cannot be cancelled/refunded once placed. We are often required to place a non-refundable deposit with the manufacturer well in advance of availability.
  • Dates are not guaranteed and delays may occur, often due to manufacturing, import shipping delays or raw material shortages.
  • Certain events are out of our control which may result in a loss of preorder funds, such as a manufacturer going into bankruptcy or closing unexpectedly. We make every attempt to work only with reputable suppliers to minimize the chance of this type of scenario.
  • We cannot foresee any/all delays that may occur for preorder items. Please take extra care when placing a preorder as we often cannot issue refunds for any reason due to preorder requirements with our suppliers. The manufacturing cycle for many of the products we sell can go as high as 4-9 months between production runs. Long preorder delays have occurred due to this long production cycle.
  • If losing any preorder funds would cause a financial hardship, please only order in-stock products.

In the event that the manufacturer cannot fulfill our preorder request and refunds our deposit, we will refund your preorder.