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Looking for an easy way to run cables between rooms through the wall or floor, or through desktops or ceiling tiles?

Easy Portal is the answer. Unlike conduit, Easy Portal doesn't require any tools other than a hole saw, drill bit or other tool capable of making a round hole of sufficient size, and provides a finished flange on both sides of the hole to protect cables running through the Easy Portal.


  • 3D Printed in ABS or PET-G thermoplastic at 0.3mm or better layer height
  • Can be customized for a particular application (diameter, length, wall thickness, flange size, flange thickness, thread pitch, color, etc.) - Contact us with your special request
  • Uses standard metric thread diameter and pitch
  • Designed to be installed with the only requirement being a drill with standard drill bit and/or hole saw sizes, or other tool capable of making a round hole of sufficient size.
  • Easily inserted into hole through wall, desktop, panel, etc.


  • Walls and other spaces often contain hazards. DO NOT DRILL/CUT INTO AN AREA UNLESS YOU KNOW THE AREA IS CLEAR OF HAZARDS. IF UNSURE, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. Some hazards commonly found in walls, ceilings and other areas include, but are not limited to:
    • High voltage power cables
    • Water lines
    • HVAC ducts
    • Sewer lines
    • Vents
    • Low voltage cables (network, phone, security, etc.)
    • Gas lines (natural gas, propane, etc.)
  • Due to the nature of the 3D printing process, minor surface flaws or other imperfections may occur, but will not affect the performance of this product
  • Please contact us to request specific colors. At present, our color selection includes Red, Black, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Gray, Orange, Lime Green, Brown, Purple, Frost (semi-transparent colorless)
  • If color is not indicated, we will provide the Easy Portal in white
  • Metric to Inch conversions
    • Port diameters
      • 14mm ~ 0.5in.
      • 19mm ~ 0.75in.
      • 25mm ~ 1.0in.
      • 38mm ~ 1.5in.
      • 51mm ~ 2.0in.
    • Wall or panel thickness
      • 10-15mm ~ 0.4-0.6in. (ideal for 1/2 inch thick panels)
      • 13-16mm ~ 0.5-0.63in. (ideal for 1/2 inch thick panels)
      • 15-20mm ~ 0.6-0.8in. (ideal for 3/4 inch thick panels)
      • 20-25mm ~ 0.8-1.0in. (ideal for 1 inch thick panels)
      • 25-40mm ~ 1.0-1.55in.
      • 40-70mm ~ 1.55-2.75in.
      • 70-125mm ~ 2.75-4.9in. (ideal for most 2x4 walls)
      • 125-230mm ~ 4.9-9.05in. (ideal for most 2x6 walls)
      • 225-410mm ~ 8.85-16.15in.


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