ODROID-C1+ Case Compatible with 3.2 Touchscreen (3D Printed)

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  • 3D-printed case in 0.25mm or better resolution out of ABS plastic
  • Allows installation of 3.2" Touchscreen
  • Provides access to the 3 buttons on the touchscreen
  • Integrated holder for stylus included with touchscreen
  • No screws required to assemble
  • Easy access for changing eMMC and microSD modules without opening case


  • Printed to order: Printed on a first-purchased first-shipped basis. Due to the length of time required to 3d print items, it is likely this item will be delayed by one or more days while printing occurs.
  • Assembly required - Phillips (+) screwdriver recommended.
  • 3D-printed items may have small imperfections and cosmetic flaws. These imperfections will not interfere with the performance or fit of the parts.
  • Although the ODROID-C2 fits in this case, it is not compatible with the touchscreen
  • Touchscreen is not compatible with Android




  • 3d Files:

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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