PINE A64 7in. LCD Touchscreen (1024X600)


This 7-inch Touchscreen for the Pine A64 1GB * gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, game consoles, infotainment systems and embedded systems.


  • 7″ LCD Touch Screen Panel Active Matrix
  • 1024 x 600 Resolution with 24 Chip LED backlight
  • FFC Adapter
  • Driver Method: a-si TFT active matrix
  • Display mode: FFS (Normally black)
  • Dot pitch: 0.1506mm(H) × 0.1432mm(V)
  • Active area: 154.21mm(H) × 85.92mm(V)
  • Panel size: 163.9mm(H) × 97.1mm(V) × 2.6mm(T)
  • Color: RGB vertical stripe
  • Ribbon Cable: 3.5″ (8.89 cm)


  • * Not compatible with A64 512MB model as it does not have a DSI connector
  • Armbian users: If you clone an Armbian installation for more than one Pine A64, please keep in mind that the Ethernet MAC address will be chosen randomly on first boot and then saved in /boot/uEnv.txt. To avoid MAC address collisions, you must adjust the address there or delete the whole ethaddr line
  • Armbian users: If you use a DVI display don’t forget to define disp_dvi_compat=1 in /boot/armbianEnv.txt (supported starting with 5.21)
  • Armbian users: Pine64’s own LCD with touchscreen support can simply be activated in /boot/armbianEnv.txt by setting pine64_lcd=on and adding gt9xxf_ts to /etc/modules, followed by a reboot
  • The only LED on the board is a power LED which turns on as soon as power is available, and does not indicate anything else
  • DC-IN via microUSB: Keep in mind that most USB cables have a resistance way too high which leads to undervoltage situations. It is recommended to power the Pine64(+) through the Euler pins (see linux-sunxi wiki for details)
  • Armbian users: As of Summer 2019, it has been stated that only older Armbian releases (kernel 3.10) support this LCD panel. The newer mainline releases do not yet support the LCD panel. Changes need to be made to /etc/modules and /boot/armbianEnv.txt to enable the LCD

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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