PinePhone(Pro) Keyboard

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  • Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro
  • Laptop-style keys
  • 6000mAh internal battery prolongs phone charge
  • Allows use of all phone ports, camera, flashlight/torch, etc.
  • Ability to charge keyboard battery while using the USB-C on the phone for peripherals (see notes below for important information)


  • DO NOT PLUG CHARGING CABLE INTO PHONE AND KEYBOARD CASE AT THE SAME TIME - Doing so could cause physical damage to the phone and/or keyboard case.
  • Pogo pads on the keyboard case may need to be shimmed if keyboard doesn't work or charging is slow or not working.
  • The keyboard case makes the phone significantly wider and over twice as thick and heavy making it pocketable in only the largest of pockets.
  • Many operating system images support the keyboard case as of this note being written in Aug 2023, such as postmarketOS, Manjaro Linux, DanctNIX (Arch Linux) and Mobian.
  • Due to the larger clamshell form factor, Bluetooth or wired headset will likely be required to handle calls.
  • Pressing the button once by the USB-C port on the keyboard turns the charging function on, and double-clicking it turns the charging function off.
  • From Mobian command line, the following command can be used to monitor the status of the KB battery and the Phone battery at the same time:
    watch -n 1 -d "grep -E 'CAPACITY|STATUS' /sys/class/power_supply/*/uevent"
  • Troubleshooting


  • Black chassis
  • Matte dark gray key caps
  • Dimensions (closed): 161 x 95 x 21.5mm
  • Weight (without PinePhone /Pro): ~191 grams
  • Number of keys: 54
  • Number of key rows: 5
  • ISO QWERTY layout (key caps can be rearranged)
  • Pogo pin connector
  • 6000mAh internal battery with manual ON/OFF toggle
  • USB-C for charging, capable of powering the case and PinePhone (Pro)
  • Open and programmable firmware
  • Unpopulated internal USB header for hacking in additional functionality
Key internal components
  • IP5209 charging controller
  • EM85F684A USB controller
  • USB-C power-in (no data) – 3A@5V
  • Pogo pin connector
  • Internal USB 2.0 unpopulated header
  • Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro


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Fernando I
Indispensable accessory for Pinephone

Pinephone's Linux distributions are far from perfect, in fact they are software in the development stage and not ready to compete or be comparable with consolidated systems like Android and iOS, but with this keyboard the Pinephone gains a new utility, becoming a mini laptop of dreams for any hacker and for anyone looking for something ultra-portable, in addition to correcting the chronic defect that the Pinephone has in terms of battery life.

At its current stage of development, the Pinephone without this accessory is an incomplete device, so I strongly recommend purchasing it if you already own a Pinephone or are keen to own a Pinephone.