PinePhone(Pro) Keyboard



  • Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro
  • Laptop-style keys
  • 6000mAh internal battery prolongs phone charge
  • Allows use of all phone ports, camera, flashlight/torch, etc.
  • Ability to charge keyboard battery while using the USB-C on the phone for peripherals (see notes below for important information)


  • DO NOT PLUG CHARGING CABLE INTO PHONE WHILE CONNECTED TO THE KEYBOARD CASE - Doing so could cause physical damage to the phone and/or keyboard case
  • Pogo pads on the keyboard case may need to be shimmed if keyboard doesn't work or charging is slow or not working
  • The keyboard case makes the phone significantly wider and over twice as thick and heavy making it pocketable in only the largest of pockets
  • Not all operating system images support the keyboard case as of this note being written in Feb 2022
  • At launch the keyboard is supported by: postmarketOS, Manjaro Linux, DanctNIX (Arch Linux) and Mobian.
  • Due to the larger clamshell form factor, Bluetooth or wired headset will likely be required to handle calls


  • Black chassis
  • Matte dark gray key caps
  • Dimensions (closed): 161 x 95 x 21.5mm
  • Weight (without PinePhone /Pro): ~191 grams
  • Number of keys: 54
  • Number of key rows: 5
  • ISO QWERTY layout (key caps can be rearranged)
  • Pogo pin connector
  • 6000mAh internal battery with manual ON/OFF toggle
  • USB-C for charging, capable of powering the case and PinePhone (Pro)
  • Open and programmable firmware
  • Unpopulated internal USB header for hacking in additional functionality
Key internal components
  • IP5209 charging controller
  • EM85F684A USB controller
  • USB-C power-in (no data) – 3A@5V
  • Pogo pin connector
  • Internal USB 2.0 unpopulated header
  • Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro


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