PinePhone/Pro Pinedio LoRa Add-On Case

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The PineDio LoRa add-on case is compatible with the PinePhone and the PinePhone Pro. It uses pogo pins located on the smartphone’s midsection and attaches by replacing the default back cover. It uses the Semtech SX1262 power efficient LoRa module. Software enabling the LoRa module to work with the PinePhone has been written by JF. He has showcased the PinePhone receiving and LoRa messages using the add-on back case.

The case is built very sturdy out of black, thick and polished plastic. The back case is built in a modular way and the electronics are easy to replace. This isn’t only good from a reparability perspective but also makes it easy to mod the existing functionality or hack in a new one.


Body & Design
  • Black polished plastic
  • Understated and unbranded
  • Rigid, ribbed internal structure
  • Open software allowing the case to interface with the PinePhone
  • Uses pogo pin interface
  • Modular, repairable and hackable design
Key internal component(s)
  • Semtech SX1262 power efficient LoRa module
  • Accepts Qi Wireless and Wireless Power Consortium protocols
  • 5W charging
  • Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro


  • Software for receiving and sending LoRa messages via this add-on already exists, but at the time of release no operating systems have implemented support for it.

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