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Speaker Kit for M1S

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  • Compatible with ODROID-M1S
  • This is a speaker kit with on-board sound PAM8406 amplifier that can be used by plugging directly into the 14-pin header connector of ODROID-M1S.

  • Rated Impedance : 8Ω ±15% ( At 1kHz 1.0 Vrms )
  • Resonance Freq : Fb – 95Hz ±20%, Fo – 400Hz ±20% ( Without Baffle )
  • Output S.P.L. : 88 ±3dB ( At 0.1m 0.1w / 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2KHz Average )
  • Rated Power : 5.0W ( At 6.32 Vrms )
  • Max Power : 6.0W ( At 6.93 Vrms )
  • Frequency Range : Fo — 20kHz
  • Operation : Must be Normal at Rated Frequency Range ( Program Source 5.0W FO ~ 10kHz )
  • THD : 10% Max ( Rated Power Input 1000Hz )
  • Magnet : NdFeB
  • Weight : 0.15g



  • System power noise may affect the audio circuitry, resulting in background noise in the audio output. Therefore, we recommend that our customers do not use this board in applications requiring high sound quality.
  • You have to cut out parts of the 14-pin on the upper case to mount this Speaker Kit on the ODROID-M1S.

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