ameriDroid Welcomes Two NanoPi Boards!

ameriDroid Welcomes Two NanoPi Boards!

🔹 Introducing the Nanopi R2S: Your Compact and Powerful Networking Solution! Searching for a compact yet powerful networking solution? Look no further! ameriDroid is thrilled to announce the addition of the Nanopi R2S to our extensive lineup of cutting-edge development boards.

The Nanopi R2S is a remarkable single-board computer that excels in networking capabilities. With its small form factor and low power consumption, it is perfect for a variety of applications, including home automation, network security, VPN, and much more. Equipped with dual-GbE ports, this board allows you to easily build your own router, firewall, or create a robust IoT gateway.

Explore the Nanopi R2S on our store: Link to Nanopi R2S Product Page

🔹 Introducing the Nanopi R2C Plus: Unleash the Power of Networking! ameriDroid is delighted to introduce the Nanopi R2C Plus, a powerful networking board designed to meet your connectivity needs with efficiency and reliability.

The Nanopi R2C Plus boasts features such as dual-GbE ports and sufficient memory, making it an ideal choice for applications such as home routers, firewalls, and IoT gateways. With its exceptional performance and versatile capabilities, this board opens up a world of possibilities for your networking projects.

Discover the Nanopi R2C Plus on our store: Link to Nanopi R2C Plus Product Page

🌟 Whether you're in need of a compact networking solution with the Nanopi R2S or seeking powerful networking capabilities with the Nanopi R2C Plus, ameriDroid has you covered! Visit our store today to explore these fantastic additions and unlock endless possibilities for your projects.

Have any questions or need assistance? Our friendly customer support team is always here to help. Contact us using the Contact link at the bottom of this page. 

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Raj - November 7, 2023

The R2S is a great machine. I’ve had it running stock OpenWrt for a couple years with no issues. Routes gigabit with ease and I’ve got it loaded up with a bunch of additional features. Highly recommended! No noise, effectively no heat, and very low power consumption.

Travis - November 7, 2023

Thanks for bringing these in but I’m more interested in the Nanopi R6S and R6C. I was going to buy them straight from friendlyelec but I’ll wait for you to bring them in, if you’re going to. Are you going to bring in the R6S and R6C?

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