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Exploring the Latest NanoPi Boards at ameriDroid: Unleashing Cutting-Edge Possibilities

Exploring the Latest NanoPi Boards at ameriDroid: Unleashing Cutting-Edge Possibilities

At ameriDroid, we're excited to introduce the latest NanoPi boards designed by FriendlyElec, offering unparalleled performance and versatility for edge computing enthusiasts and electronic hobbyists. Let's dive into the features of these groundbreaking products:

1) NanoPi R2S Plus + Metal Case $57.95:

The NanoPi R2S Plus is a mini-router boasting edge-computing capabilities and dual Gbps Ethernet ports. Key features include:

  • Powered by Rockchip's quad-core A53 RK3328 SoC with a default frequency of 1.2GHz.
  • 1GB RAM, 32GB eMMC flash, and dual Gbps Ethernet ports.
  • Support for dynamic frequency scaling and TF card booting.
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for versatile connectivity.
  • Optional RTL8822CS WiFi module for wireless range expansion.
  • Compatible with FriendlyWrt, OpenMediaVault, Debian Core, and Ubuntu Core.

With its USB Type-C power delivery and compact design, the NanoPi R2S Plus is an excellent choice for applications requiring strong networking performance in limited spaces.

2) NanoPi R6S + Metal Case $176.95:

The NanoPi R6S is a powerhouse in open-source, high-performance computing tailored for edge applications. Key features include:

  • Dual 2.5G and 1Gbps Ethernet ports for robust connectivity.
  • Equipped with a Rockchip RK3588S CPU and 32GB eMMC flash.
  • Support for various operating systems: FriendlyWrt, Android, Debian, Ubuntu, and more.
  • GPU and VPU acceleration for enhanced performance.
  • Compact size (90 x 62 mm) with rich hardware resources.
  • HDMI port capable of decoding 8K@60fps H.265/VP9 video streams.
  • Two USB ports and USB Type-C with PD power delivery.
  • Ideal for enterprise applications and electronic hobbyists exploring multiple possibilities.

The carefully designed CNC housing adds a touch of sophistication to the NanoPi R6S, making it an excellent choice for mini machine vision systems and other innovative projects.

3) NanoPi R4S 4GB + Metal Case $97.95:

The NanoPi R4S is a high-end mini-router with edge computing capabilities and dual Gbps Ethernet ports. Highlights include:

  • Powered through a USB Type-C port.
  • Compatible with FriendlyWRT, Ubuntu, Armbian, and more.
  • Rockchip RK3399 SoC with a frequency reaching up to 1.8GHz.
  • 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and dual Gbps Ethernet ports.
  • Dynamic frequency scaling for optimized performance.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports for external devices like hard drives, 4G modules, and cameras.
  • CNC metal case with superior heat dissipation for smooth operation without frequency reduction.

The NanoPi R4S delivers top-notch performance in a compact form factor, making it an ideal choice for various applications.


These NanoPi boards at Ameridroid represent cutting-edge technology, providing users with the tools to explore innovative applications in edge computing and beyond. Whether you're a hobbyist or an enterprise user, these boards offer a diverse range of features to meet your specific needs. Dive into the world of possibilities with NanoPi and Ameridroid!

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Michael Lenczewski - February 27, 2024

NanoPi Neo Air please! That little board is awesome!

Michael Lenczewski - February 27, 2024

They need to put together another nanopi air lts board without the Ethernet ports. Those were pretty good

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