Good Read: August 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

Good Read: August 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

  • Build a Rootin’ Tootin’, Dual-Bootin’ ODROID Tablet: Using the ODROID-C0 to Make a Professional Grade Tablet for Under USD$100
  • The G Spot: Your Goto Destination for all Things That Are Android Gaming
  • Implementing GPIO IRQ Handlers: Using Python 3 To Control RPi.GPIO
  • Running Kubernetes On The ODROID-N2: Create A Power-Efficient Container Orchestration System
  • Multi-booting on ODROID-N2: Add The Ability to Select Multiple Operating Systems From A Single Disk
  • Linux Gaming: PC-Engine / TurboGrafx - Part 5
  • Using Kernel 5.2 With Armbian: Run WiringPi, HomeAssistant, and More With the Latest Kernel Support
  • How to Build a Monku Retro Gaming Console - Part 2: Configuring the Software
  • An Excellent, Low-Cost Web Server: Using the ODROID-N2 For Internet Hosting
  • Building an ODROID-N2 Cluster: Affordable High Performance Computing

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