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Good Read: November 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

Good Read: November 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

  • ODROID-XU4 Tweaks: A Collection of Popular Modifications
  • Recreating a Mac Plus: Using the ODROID-GO as a Macintosh Emulator
  • eMMC Memory Modules: A Simple Guide
  • Ogo Shell: File Browser, Audio Player and Image Viewer for ODROID-GO
  • Multiscreen Desktops using VNC: Create a Dual-Screen Unified Desktop with 2 ODROIDs
  • Monku R3: Building The Ultimate ODROID-XU4 / XU4Q Gaming Console - Part 2
  • Linux Gaming: Anbox - Android In A Box
  • The G Spot: Your Goto Destination for all Things That are Android Gaming
  • Kernel Modules: What Exactly Are They?
  • ODROID-N2: UART Custom Baud Rate for MIDI
  • Gaming on the ODROID-H2: Running Lakka on the ODROID-H2

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