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Good Read: September 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

Good Read: September 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

  • Five-Minute Fun with your Monku R1: A Sega Genesis Handheld SD Card
  • Linux Gaming: PC-Engine / TurboGrafx - Part 6
  • GO-Tank, Go! - Control a Treaded Bot with Your ODROID-GO
  • CoreELEC: For the ODROID-N2
  • How to Build a Monku Retro Gaming Console - Part 3: Adding The Final Touches
  • ODROID-N2 Composite Video Connection: Use Your Legacy Monitor With Hardkernel’s Most Powerful Computer
  • The G Spot: Your Goto Destination for all Things That are Android Gaming
  • ODROID-N2 Review
  • Five Minute Fun with your Monku R1: SD Card Partition Resizing
  • Manage your kid's computer time with mqttNanny
  • A Powerful Multiboot Image for the ODROID-C2: Run Android, Ubuntu MATE, and LibreELEC From A Single Boot Device

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Bo - October 1, 2019

@John Bolton: Unfortunately, there is no print version of ODROID Magazine. We tried a Kickstarter a while back to offer a print version, but it didn’t hit the necessary goal.

John Bolton - October 1, 2019

How do I get a subscription to Odroid Magazine please ?

John Bolton
Emitron Intl UK..

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