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How-To: Add Some Color to Your ODROID-GO!

How-To: Add Some Color to Your ODROID-GO!

Looking for an easy way to customize your ODROID-GO? Wanting to add some color? Follow this simple how-to.

For a more durable finish, we suggest you paint the inside of the ODROID-GO case.

Required Items:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint for Plastic (i.e., Krylon Fusion for Plastic or Tamiya "TS" Paint) 



(If you have already assembled your ODROID-GO, remove screws, buttons, battery, speaker and LCD.)

1.  Using masking tape, mask the outer edges and outside of the top and bottom of the case.


2.  Apply several thin coats of paint, making sure to rotate the case or spray from several angles. For our ODROID-GO, we chose Tamiya TS-72 in Clear Blue to maintain a transparent look.


3.  Allow paint to dry completely. We suggest you allow to dry overnight.

4.  Assemble (or reassemble) your ODROID-GO.


5.  Enjoy your personalized ODROID-GO! Please share pics of your custom ODROID-GO on social media with #ameridroidsbc and #odroidgo. 


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