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How To: Block Ads Across Your Network with an SBC

How To: Block Ads Across Your Network with an SBC

What if you could configure your router’s DHCP options to force all connected clients to use a custom DNS server, or manually configure each device​ to use the the custom DNS server?

You can!

What if you could have ad blocking on your cellular devices, helping with limited bandwidth data plans whenever you are connected to your home VPN connection from anywhere in the world?

You can!

What if you could have network-level ad blocking allowing you to block ads in non-traditional places such as mobile apps and smart TVs, regardless of hardware or OS?

You can!

What's the easiest way to do this? With the Pi-hole kit!

Instead of browser plugins or other software on each computer, install Pi-hole in one place and your entire network is protected.

Since advertisements are blocked before they are downloaded, network performance is improved and will feel faster.

Additional information on configuring the Pi-hole to work with VPN on your network can be found here.

Let us know what you think about Pi-hole in the comments below!

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Steve - February 1, 2019

Been using a pi-hole running on a Raspberry pi ever since the company working on ad-trap went belly up.

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