How-To: Panfrost Ubuntu 20.10 Linux Kernel 5.10.0-rc4 on ODROID-HC4

How-To: Panfrost Ubuntu 20.10 Linux Kernel 5.10.0-rc4 on ODROID-HC4

From YouTube Channel LinuxFactory:

Linux kernel 5.10.0-rc4 has been ported to ODROID-N2 / ODROID-C4 / ODROID-HC4 to run with Ubuntu 20.10 and Panfrost has been enabled to run. The Panfrost test has been performed with ODROID-HC4 but the instructions in this video will work for ODROID-N2/N2+ / ODROID-C4 as well.

Panfrost is still on going but look very promising!


This video shows how to install Panfrost on Ubuntu 20.10 running Linux kernel 5.10.0-rc4 for a hardware-accelerated Linux desktop experience.

Click here if you'd rather not watch the how-to part and just get to the glmark2 tests.

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J tremblant - November 27, 2020

Ubuntu groovy 20.10 with KDE Plasma and Panfrost as shown on video is the first ever Linux OS that can be use as a Linux Desktop/NAS solution with HW acceleration and VPU drivers on HC4. Browsing experience with Firefox is pleasant, GUI responsiveness is great, I/O speeds are pretty fast when booting from a SSD drive and KDE Plasma WM is visually attractive. Panfrost on Mali G31MP2 GPU is still a WIP but getting better every day.

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