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How-To: Tune USB and Ethernet Speed on ODROID-XU4

How-To: Tune USB and Ethernet Speed on ODROID-XU4


It’s time for another small blog about the ODROID-XU4.
This is just a quick tip to improve your network and USB performance even more. It will optimize your hardware interrupts (IRQ) affinity on your ODROID-XU4.

This guide is for the 3.10.y kernel and debian 8. For other kernel versions the interrupts may have different numbers [...]

There are basically 3 different interrupts on a headless ODROID-XU4 [or ODROID-HC1, ODROID-HC2, or ODROID-MC1] server you should take into consideration:

  • the USB2 port
  • the first USB3 port
  • the second USB3 port (the 1 Gigabit ethernet adapter is connected to this one)

Per default all 3 interrupts for these devices are handled by CPU0, which is a A7 core [little core]

Read the rest of the article here.

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martouf - November 20, 2019

the referenced tuning article is from 2016. i have an Odroid-XU4 with kernel 4.14.x and this does not apply to me or anyone else like me. blog entry would be better to point out the article only applies to XU4 owners who have not upgraded in recent years.

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