Customers with Linux or Android deployed should check for new vulnerability

Customers with Linux or Android deployed should check for new vulnerability

Certain Linux kernels (5.8.x and 5.9.x up to but not including 5.10.102) have experienced a high-severity vulnerability that makes it easy for untrusted users to execute code capable of carrying out hosts of malicious actions, including installing backdoors, creating unauthorized user accounts, and modifying scripts or binaries used by privileged services or apps.

The vulnerability first appeared in Linux kernel version 5.8, which was released in August 2020. The vulnerability persisted until last month, when it was fixed with the release of versions 5.16.11, 5.15.25, and 5.10.102.

It is unclear from our early research whether kernels 5.11.x to 5.14.x are patched.

Android users can check which kernel version their device uses by going to

  • "Settings"
    • "About phone" or "About tablet"
      • "Android version" or "Software information"

Here's a handy timeline of Linux kernel releases:

We have numerous Android and Linux devices deployed in our network here at ameriDroid - upon checking, none of our systems were using the exploitable kernel versions. We hope you find the same on your devices, but if you do, please update them.

Debian users can follow the upgrade instructions provided by DietPi (instructions valid for all Debian users):

Read the full article from arstechnica here.

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