New arrivals from Pine64

New arrivals from Pine64

At ameriDroid, we're obsessed with SBCs. We have so many of them that we need a bigger warehouse. But we're not stopping there, we want more! More SBCs, more options, more excitement! That's why we're always scouting for new (or existing) SBCs that we can offer to you that just might make your jaw drop. And guess what, we have some jaw-drop-worthy SBCs for you today. Say hello to our latest arrivals:

  1. STAR64 Model-A: The STAR64 uses the same chip as the VisionFive 2, the StarFive JH-7110 SoC -- but its coming from Pine64! With 4GB or 8GB RAM options, the STAR64 is a great alternative for all your RISC-V needs.

  2. Pine64 Ox64: The Ox64 is a powerful device that blurs the lines between a microcontroller and an SBC. It's equipped with built-in WiFi, BLE, and Zigbee radios to ensure seamless connectivity. Its breadboard-friendly form factor provides a wide range of GPIO options. Suitable for Linux and RTOS development, the Ox64 is perfect for endless DIY possibilities. Starting at $7.95, it has 16Mb and 128Mb variants.

  3. PineBuds Pro: Are you a tech enthusiast looking for customizable audio experience? If so, the PineBuds Pro are the right earbuds for you! Enjoy superior sound quality, immersive noise cancellation, and effortless use all in one hackable device.
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