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New products coming to ameriDroid: Mixtile SBC's

New products coming to ameriDroid: Mixtile SBC's

At ameriDroid, we don't just sell SBCs, we live and breathe them! We have so many SBCs that our warehouse staff keeps asking us where we are going to put them all. But we're not satisfied with that, we want more! More variety, more features, more excitement! That's why we're always on the hunt for new (or existing) SBCs that we can bring to you and make you say "wow!" And hey, do we have some wow-worthy SBCs for you today. Meet our latest additions from Mixtile:

  1. Mixtile Edge 2: The Mixtile Edge 2 comes with 2GB RAM/16GB eMMC and 4GB RAM/32GB eMMC variants, plus for $10 extra you can select the "kit" option that comes with a nice case, heatsink and two antennas, hurry up and take advantage of our pre-order price with up to $50 OFF.

  2. Mixtile Blade 3: The Mixtile Blade 3 is a Pico-ITX 2.5-inch form factor edge computing unit, with a high-performance Octa-Core Rockchip RK3588 and low-latency 4x PCIe Gen3 for stackability. It will be available for pre-order on June 1st, 2023; but, we have partnered with Mixtile to offer a special discount to our customers. Make a $5 donation on the Mixtile Blade 3 page to support our efforts, and receive a $30 OFF coupon to place a pre-order for the Mixtile Blade 3.
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