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New Shelly Kits

New Shelly Kits

The Shelly Kits offer an easy-to-use solution to home automation. With an intuitive setup, you can enjoy a convenient way to control your electrical devices and appliances from your smartphone or tablet. Create immersive experiences in your home with the Shelly Kit – perfect for simplifying your life.

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  • Plug & Play Kit
    • 1x Shelly Plug Plus US
    • 1x Shelly Duo

  • Lighting Control Kit
    • 1x Shelly Plus Wall Dimmer
    • 1x Shelly Motion 2
    • 1x Shelly Duo E26
    • 1x Shelly 1 UL (Recertified)

  • Sensor Kit
    • 1x Shelly Plug Plus US
    • 1x Shelly Plus H&T
    • 1x Shelly Motion 2
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