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News: Pine H64-B OS Developments

News: Pine H64-B OS Developments

Thanks to help from the community (especially Stephen), we've actually booted the Pine H64 Model B here at ameriDroid using an Armbian image on the HDMI connection (GPU support working).


  • The image boots and displays via HDMI
  • The image is relatively stable


  • WiFi / Ethernet functionality is not stable yet
  • Other drivers are still missing
  • Presently requires pressing the "POWER" and "RESET" buttons after powering on

According to a forum thread from Pine64 as to their progress on H64-B image for Linux, TL Lim has stated as of Feb 24, 2019:

The PINE H64 model B SBC already prepare for release and waiting for mainline Linux to be ready.

We've also started a forum thread inquiring about progress of H64-B OS images.

Keep checking back here and via the two linked threads above for further updates!

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