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News: Pine64 to Donate Pinebooks to Close the Digital Divide

News: Pine64 to Donate Pinebooks to Close the Digital Divide


Since the PinePhone is an experimental project in its own right, we decided to also make it a testing ground for an idea we’ve had for some time now.

To this end, we have now made the decision to relay all revenue from PinePhone sales to the development community and third-party Linux-on-phone projects.

We are also making our contribution to closing the digital gap – a term used to describe the inequality of access to a computer, internet and technology of underprivileged individuals or groups. It may be inconceivable to many of you, but access to a computer, to secure and sophisticated software, as well as the Internet remains a privilege of less than half of humanity. And the number of children with regular access to a computer worldwide is just a measly 19%.

All revenue from this soft cover will go to a only sole purpose: funding Pinebooks used in our initiative to help close the digital gap. The math is simple, but let me outline it anyways; 10 soft PinePhone covers sold in the PINE Store 'buys' one Pinebook for someone in need. You get your PinePhone cover and someone in need gets a Pinebook, what’s not to like?

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