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News: Tetris Turns 35 This Week (Play it in your SBC's Linux Terminal!)

News: Tetris Turns 35 This Week (Play it in your SBC's Linux Terminal!)

This week, Tetris turns 35!

In honor of this occasion, did you know that you can play Tetris in your Linux terminal? Here's what you need to do for Ubuntu / Debian / Armbian (and related OSes), whether you are running on a single board computer (SBC), a laptop or a desktop computer:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install tint

When trying this on the ROCKPro64 running Ubuntu 18.04 on the 4.4 Linux kernel, we received

bash: tint: command not found

In cases like this, you can find the location of the file by entering

sudo find / -name tint

This located tint at /usr/games/tint. In this case, simply enter


to run it.

On the ODROID-XU4 running Ubuntu 18.04 on the 4.14 Linux kernel, and the ODROID-C2 running Ubuntu 16.04 on the 3.14 Linux kernel, simply using tint at the command line started the program right up.

Based on these three systems, we expect that tint should work fine on Ubuntu and Armbian (which are both Debian derivatives), and should work whether it is an SBC, x86 or x64 running Linux.

If you're curious, you can read about the difference between apt and apt-get here.

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