News: ODROID-H2 Production Delayed

News: ODROID-H2 Production Delayed

You may have noticed that the new ODROID-H2, after selling out within a few hours on our site, has missed it’s projected production date and subsequent re-opening for sale. Some of you have probably been anxiously awaiting the manufacture of a second run, hoping to get your hands on one. Unfortunately, we have some bad news. According to HardKernel, who manufacturers the ODROID line of single board computers, they are still negotiating with Intel to obtain more of the Celeron/Gemini Lake processors needed for the production of the H2.

Here is the official word from HardKernel, as published on their ODROID forum thread for the H2:

“Intel focuses on only Core i7 and i5 series in Q1 2019 to make more money.

"They just told us there must be a chance to make some Celeron/Gemini Lake processors in Q2 April or May.

"So we have to wait 2 or 3 more months to resume the H2 production.

"Sorry for the bad news. “

Therefore, heading into the second quarter of 2019, it is looking like the H2 may not be available for sale until the Q3 2019 at the earliest. This will no doubt come as sad news to many enthusiasts who have purchased accessories for the H2, depending on it being released again this month. Although on a more reassuring note, The H2 has not been discontinued or abandoned, but will certainly be significantly delayed.

For more information on the availability of the H2 and other information, please visit the ODROID Forum thread discussing this here:


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