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New Product: Raspberry Pi 4 Smoothcam Case Available Now!

New Product: Raspberry Pi 4 Smoothcam Case Available Now!

After painstaking design, the Raspberry Pi 4 Smoothcam case is now available!

The case has been redesigned from the ground up to both reinforce and modify key parts of the case. The redesign includes fillets at the standoffs and inner component walls, reinforced standoffs, venting slots at the top of the case, and new output cutouts for the microHDMI, AUX, and USB-C port.

Installation is simple! After you've inserted the camera ribbon cable into your Raspberry Pi 4, just follow these steps:

  1. Insert Raspberry Pi 4 at an angle, inserting the AUX, USB-C, and microHDMI first into their cutouts in the bottom half of the board. Then press firmly on the other side to fit the board into place.

  2. Before you insert the camera into it's holder, double check that the ribbon cable on the camera board is seated properly (the ribbon cable we're referencing runs from the camera module with the integrated lens to the camera PCB, and is less than 1cm long).

  3. Be very careful! The camera cable can come loose if you move the lens at all. Then, push one edge into the side and press down on the other. It should seat properly without much force. Double check that the camera is not snagged on anything.

  4. Double check that your camera cable will not be caught in the case, then firmly push on each corner, securing the tabs. Then, you can screw in each corner with the provided screws.

That's it! Available now in a variety of colors.

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