Review: ODROID-H2 "It Makes For a Great System"

Review: ODROID-H2 "It Makes For a Great System"

One of our customers just left this great review for the ODROID-H2:

Stephen Coulson - June 23, 2020

I own an Odroid H2 Rev B. It hosts a Upnp AV Music Server, “Universal Media Server”. I was surprised to find that the H2 handles transcoding very, very, well. The system has a 2TB NVME m.2 PLUS dual Samsung 860 EV0 SSD drives. It works great. I highly recommend the H2. I’m glad to see that HardKernel continues to evolve this board.

The only caveat I would emphasize is that the DDR slots are fragile. It’s better to purchase known compatible DDR4 memory.

I also purchased the KKSB case. It rocks. Plenty of room for the aforementioned dual-SSD drives. Overall, it makes for a great system!

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Great board

I'm using this to run my home office during this period of coronovirus quarantine. Fedora+gnome with two 1080p monitors connected. Works flawlessly as a desktop system. I'm typically running Insomnia, emacs, firefox with an average of 10 tabs open, Datagrip (heavy Java-based IDE), syncthing, and compiling Rust programs. No issues so far. Due to the power use, I leave this on permanently. The only time it's ever crashed was due to a segfault in gdm (not the board's fault).

I waited several months for the H2 to enter its second batch of production, and I'm glad I did. I'm very happy with this board, especially considering the low power consumption.

Config: 2x8GB ram and a 128GB nvme

ODROID-H2 as a virtual environment host server

I've had this ODROID-H2 running for a couple of months now and I'm quite impressed. I installed Proxmox VE and have several containers and virtual machines running in my home lab and performance has been very impressive overall.

1. Proxmox Mail Gateway
2. OpenLiteSpeed web server with PHP
3. nginx web server with PHP
4. MariaDB server
5. MongoDB server
6. MS SQL Server on Linux

Virtual Machines:
1. OPNsense firewall with wireguard VPN connected to work data center
2. Windows 10

All that and room to add more as needed. With the above systems all running, the CPU load averages less than 10%. OPNsense consumes around 3.5% of this due to site-to-site VPN activity. This has proven to be a great device for my needs!

Config: H2 with 2x16GB = 32GB RAM, 500GB NVMe M.2

Ordroid H2 rev. B, is a nice board.

I started up my H2 last night for the first time after assembling the type 3 case. The startup was smooth, and within 30 minutes after starting the board was fully functional and latest patch set applied. Now running BOINC ( Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) projects.

Config: H2 with 2 - 4GB sodimm's, 128 GB eMMC

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