Shelly Power Monitoring

Shelly Power Monitoring

Shelly Plus Plug US Monitors Remote Power Status

The Problem

Electrical utilities across the world experience many outages annually, which of course disrupt operations at businesses of all sizes, often leaving offsite personnel with no indication that a problem even exists.

Power system downtime causes critical impacts to infrastructure, inventory and manpower. Shelly can notify key employees of an outage the moment it occurs, allowing your team to take steps to minimize any loss.

Key commercial concerns for power failure:

  • Hydroponics and Agricultural – Potential loss of millions of dollars in crops.
  • Educational Facilities – Face last minute school closures when power outages occur.
  • Medical Supply Companies – Supply vital medical equipment to clients that require power to save lives.
  • Grocery Stores – Risk several hundred thousand dollars in losses of produce, refrigerated and frozen foods.

The Solution

Use two Shelly Plus Plug US units (or another Shelly Plug compatible with your country's power outlets) to notify staff when a power outage is detected. This allows immediate response, which can save countless hours of manpower and millions of dollars in revenue for an investment of less than USD $100.

  1. An Internet-connected Wi-Fi router and a Shelly Plus Plug US (plug 1) are connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  2. Another Shelly Plus Plug US (plug 2) is connected to a any standard outlet.
  3. Using a simple on-board script, plug 1 constantly polls plug 2’s status -- and in doing so, the building’s power.
  4. When plug 1 is unable to obtain the status of plug 2, it executes notification which can be sent to any email or phone number.

Use with support dashboard/fleet management on local or Cloud hosted systems, or even adapt the example Node.js application (Click or scan the QR Code on the right). You can also use Home Assistant automations to create this solution.

The Result

One managed IT services partner has installed this solution in a 130 restaurant chain in the Southeastern US. Power availability is integral to the restaurants' abilities to open on time, prepare food, and service customers. Extended outages significantly impact food quality and safety. By integrating status data with their client’s maintenance provider and providing instant notifications, the average close time for power failure tickets was reduced by 17%.

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