SiliconPower, quality memory for you SBC needs

SiliconPower, quality memory for you SBC needs

At ameriDroid, we're always looking for new tech to play with, and we've been having a blast with SiliconPower NVMe drives. They're fast, reliable, affordable and awesome. We love them so much that we decided to get more of them. And not just NVMe drives, but other SiliconPower (SP) products too. We have a whole bunch of them in our store now, and we can't wait to share them with you!

  1. MicroSD High Endurance SiliconPower: Whether you want to boot your SBC using a microSD card, or you want some extra storage, the SiliconPower microSD Cards are the way to go. Pick from the variants we have available!

  2. NVMe SSD: Silicon Power's SSD is built using
    premium quality NAND flash and advanced controller, operates over PCIe 3.0 x4 host interface, and complies with NVMe standards. M.2 form factor fits into a variety of SBCs, modern laptops and desktops with M.2 slots, and even external USB enclosures! With read speeds up to 2,200MB/s and write speeds up to 1,600MB/s.

  3. SODIMM DDR4 PC4-25600: Designed to help your system run faster and smoother, this DDR4 SODIMM series offers up to the industry's fastest memory speed with 3200MT/s. Plus, DDR4 technology is up to twice as fast as its predecessor, DDR3, delivering more bandwidth and more energy efficiency. 

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