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Upcoming Product: Pinebook Pro New Details

Upcoming Product: Pinebook Pro New Details


The first of these is that Pinebook Pro has been upgraded with a BT/WiFi module that supports Bluetooth to 5.0 (vs announced BT 4.1) and secondly we’ve asked for improvements to the firmware of the trackpad. As with many things in life, the devil is in the details, and on a laptop that means the input methods, which really makes or breaks the experience. The trackpad on the current prototypes is already very solid, but we are talking to the hardware vendor to further improve precision and reduce accidental inputs of the trackpad. Lastly, we decided not to have any branding on the Pinebook Pro, since it seems this is what users prefer. So you get to decorate it yourself using stickers or keep it smooth and black – up to you.

I also have good news for all developers hoping to get their hands on the Pinebook Pro. If the aforementioned Pinebook Pro unit I’ll be receiving soon addresses all, or at least most, of my initial feedback I submitted to TL to be forwarded to the factory, then the manufacturing process for a developers batch will start shortly. This means that by the time end-users get their hands on the Pinebook Pro there will be a number of Linux, and possibly even *BSD, options to choose from.

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