Upcoming Product: ODROID-H2 Availability and New Features

Upcoming Product: ODROID-H2 Availability and New Features

The ODROID-H2 Rev B availability has been announced by user odroid on the Hardkernel Forum:

The ODROID-H2 Rev B will have these minor changes.

      1. CLK-REQ signal pull resistor is added to support PCIe-to-SATA bridge board
      2. 12V SATA power circuit on the H2 board improvement for high power consumption HDDs like HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 series and Seagate IronWolf series.
      3. Add a M.2 screw for NVMe storage installation since many users had a hard time to find a proper screw to fasten their NVMe SSD.
      4. Pre-install the latest BIOS 1.05

You can find the Rev B schematics and PCB pictures in this link.

The BIOS revision history is available here. You can use the latest BIOS on the first batch Rev 0.1 too.

We will start selling and shipping the ODROID-H2 Rev B from June 26th if everything goes well.


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