Upcoming Product: PineTab Available Late Summer With New Features

Upcoming Product: PineTab Available Late Summer With New Features

From Pine64.org:

I know that the PineTab news are well overdue, but once you’re done reading this section I hope you’ll agree that the wait well worth it. Long story short, the delay in PineTab production was due to us being unsatisfied with the digitizer panel; this has now been sorted and evaluation units of the tablet are now being built.

This delay was, however, not a waste of time. The extra time gave us space to think and consider what else can be improved on, and added to, the current design. We ran a poll some time back asking about the desired storage capacity for the PineTab, and the majority of users showed a strong preference for increasing the eMMC storage capacity to 64GB. After some considerations, we decided to honour the community vote and we’ll be including this larger eMMC with the PineTab.

We have also decided to include an option for a M.2 adapter on the PineTab. This will allow a number of expansion options that users and developers can explore – the most obvious applications being LTE and storage, but I am sure that you can think of other ones too. We hope that you’ll agree that the time it took us to bring the PineTab to fruition, since its announcement earlier this year at FOSDEM 19, has not been wasted despite the delay in selecting a suitable digitizer panel.

Granted we’ll be happy with pre-production units delivered to us and developers, then you can expect the PineTab to be available late this summer. More information on the PineTab and its new pricing will follow soon.

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