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Wine 9.0

Wine 9.0


Wine is a free and open source compatibility layer that makes it possible to run some Windows applications on computers running Linux, FreeBSD, or some other operating systems. It’s also the foundation for the Proton software that Valve uses to allow Steam Deck users to play Windows games on the Linux-powered handheld.

Wine 9.0 has Released, Adds Experimental Wayland Support and ARM64 Support

Some new features with this release:

  • WoW64 support
  • experimental Wayland support – basic window management, multiple monitors, high-DPI scaling, relative motion events, and Vulkan support
  • Windows binaries can now be run on ARM64!
  • dark theme support via WinRT theming
  • support up to Vulkan 1.3.272
  • “better graphics performance” via GdiPlus function optimizations
  • lower power consumption “in programs which do not occupy the command stream’s entire available bandwidth”
  • D3D10 effects “support many more instructions”
  • better compatibility with older games that use DirectInput action maps
  • “better memory allocation performance” via Low Fragmentation Heap (LFH)
  • updates to bundled libraries, including VKD3D (1.10) and Faudio (23.12)
  • among many, many other improvements

Keep in mind in regards to Wayland, it isn’t enabled by default. Users will have to run the following:

wine reg.exe add HKCU\\Software\\Wine\\Drivers /v Graphics /d x11,wayland

Then make sure the DISPLAY environment variable is unset.

It will probably take a few months before Valve re-bases Proton on this new release, but no doubt it will be an update to look forward to!

 Original Article Here.

See the full patch notes on WineHQ.


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