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ROCKPro64 PLAYBOX Enclosure

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Looking to turn your ROCKPro64 into a tablet-like device? Why not try the ROCKPro64 Playbox Enclosure for the ROCKPro64 SBC and Pine A64 7in. LCD touchscreen, with a slim Graphene heatsink included? This will turn your SBC into a powerful, portable handheld computing device.


  • Pine64 ROCKPro64 SBC and LCD display are not included
  • There is no opening to access eMMC or microSD slots from the outside

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cool way to make a custom tablet

If you want to make a durable tablet that looks good and that can take some hard knocks, this is a pretty neat enclosure. Depending on your needs, you might want to add some vents to allow for cooling.

Lance Vermilion
No venting = overheating

There is zero venting and for the rk3399 processor that is a death sentence. While you can still start with this case expect to mod the case in order to provide enough ventilation. CPU regularly runs 140F running android 7.1.2 idle and up to 170F+ for any kind of workload.

I have cut a hole in the base of mine to allow the full height heat sink to extend through. I also drilled some holes in the base for air flow. I have also added a fan for ROCKPro64 that is intended for the mid profile Heat sink. I am using the fan to pull hot air out of the enclosure.

You will also need to extend the bottom via some legs (rubber feet or something else) to allow for airflow and the heat sink that will extend outside the case.