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BOGO ODROID-GO Ultra No Bundle
BOGO ODROID-GO Ultra No Bundle

Shelly Plus Uni

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Shelly Plus Uni is a small form factor smart universal module featuring two solid state relays with potential free contacts, pulse counter, analog and two digital inputs. It allows remote control of electrical devices via mobile phone, tablet, PC or home automation system. It can operate standalone on a local Wi-Fi network or it can also be controlled via cloud-based home automation services.

Shelly Plus Uni can be accessed, controlled, and monitored remotely from any place where the User has internet connectivity, as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi router and the Internet.

Shelly Plus Uni has an embedded Web Interface which can be used to monitor and control the device, as well as adjust its settings.


  • Healthy garden - make sure you water your plants only when needed by connecting a soil moisture sensor.
  • Water heater and pipes Monitor water level, flow, pressure, and temperature to prevent issues and maintain ideal conditions.
  • Pool automation - maintain pool health with sensors to track water flow, level, pH, chlorine, and temperature, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swim.
  • Motion-controlled lights - when connected to a PIR sensor, Shelly Plus Uni can trigger a relay to turn on the lights as soon as you step into the room.


  • Standard warranty (included in purchase price): 3 Years warranty through manufacturer due to device malfunctions when it is used in user manual described conditions.
  • While this is technically user-installable in many locales, we recommend consulting a licensed electrician to install automation components - in addition to being licensed to work with electrical devices, they are also familiar with local building codes.
  • Manufacturer's note: Each Shelly device emits heat under load. Do not combine two or more Shelly devices stacked on top of each other in a confined space. There must be a minimum distance of 1 cm between them to allow for airflow.




8.5 g / 0.3 oz (with the cables)

Power supply:

  • 8-24 VAC

  • 9-28 VDC

  • 5 VDC (stabilized, via +5 VDC and GND)

Sensors, meters

External sensors supported:

Single DHT22 or up to five DS18B20


PCB size (LxWxH):

40x21x7 mm / 1.57x0.83x0.28 in


Ambient temperature:

-20 °C to 40 °C / -5 °F to 105 °F


30 % to 70 % RH


Power consumption:

< 1 W

Input circuits ratings

Digital inputs resistance:

50 kΩ

Digital inputs triggering voltage:

1.5 V (active low level)

Output circuits ratings

Max switching voltage:

30 V

Max switching current:

300 mA


0-15 VDC / 0-30 VDC (Two-range)

Voltmeter accuracy:


Pulse counter input triggering voltage:

1.5 V (active low level)

Pulse counter max frequency:

1 kHz


RF band:

2400 - 2495 MHz

Max. RF power:

<20 dBm

Wi-Fi protocol:

802.11 b/g/n

Wi-Fi Range:

Up to 30 m / 100 ft indoors and 50 m / 160 ft outdoors
(Depends on local conditions)

Bluetooth Protocol:


Bluetooth Range:

Up to 10 m / 33 ft indoors and 30 m / 100 ft outdoors
(Depends on local conditions)





4 MB

Firmware capabilities



Webhooks (URL actions):

20 with 5 URLs per hook







Special functions
Inputs 2 Separated digital inputs from 2.2-36V DC and 12-24V AC
Outputs 2 Potential free outputs up to 36VAC and 24VDC, max 100 mA each
Overload protection No
Power measurement 1 ADC - dual ranges from 0-12V and 12-30V
Channels 2 Channel
Operational temperature 0°C to + 40 °C
Device power consumption < 1 W
Intelligent On/Off Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Yes
Weekly Schedule Yes
UL Listed option No
Wireless/WiFi Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Radiofrequency 2400 - 2484 MHz
Radio signal power 1mW
Range up to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on the building materials)
Size 20mm x 33mm x 13mm


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