Shelly Plus Plug US

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Next-Generation Wi-Fi operated Plug

Plug any electrical device into the Shelly Plus Plug US and easily manage it through the Shelly Cloud mobile app no matter where you are.

Shelly Plus Plug US will monitor and control lighting, heating, or any other connected electrical appliance at home.

Shelly Plus Plug US

  • has an embedded webserver
  • can function as a standalone device, as an accessory to a home automation controller, or it may be used as another automation system's component.
  • It allows you to manage power supplies up to 2500 watts at 12 amps or up to 1650 watts at 15 amps


Power supply AC 120 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz
Maximum load 15A at 120V
Power supply DC No
Device temperature protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Power measurement Yes
Operational temperature 14°F to 104 °F
Device power consumption < 1 W
Intelligent On/Off Yes
Local and remote control Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Yes
Weekly Schedule Yes
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Radio frequency 2400 – 2500 MHz
Wi-Fi Radio signal power 1mW
Wi-Fi Range up to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on the building materials)
Size 50mm x 37mm x 83mm


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