Smoothcam Raspberry Pi 4 Camera Case (3D Printed v8.2)


A sleek, elegant case to house your Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi camera.


  • Holds Raspberry Pi 4 plus Pi Cam 5MP or 8MP, regular or NoIR cameras
  • Easy snap-in mounting of camera
  • Camera recording light visible through case (Note: NoIR camera doesn't have recording light)
  • Power and activity lights on Raspberry Pi visible from front of case
  • 1/4 in. industry-standard steel mounting connector on back of case
  • 3D printed in ABS or PETG plastic on prosumer-grade printers in 0.2mm or better resolution
  • Case and Raspberry Pi secured by M3 screws (included)
  • All external ports are accessible
  • Added vents
  • Improved standoffs
  • Dimensions (external): ~ 92 x 63.5 x 27 mm (~ 3.6 x 2.5 x 1.1 in.)
  • v8.1: Improved tolerances to accommodate variances in Raspberry Pi 4 batches which allows for easier installation of Raspberry Pi 4 and camera module


  • 3D-printed items may have small imperfections and cosmetic flaws. These imperfections will not interfere with the performance or fit of the parts.
  • If you have a request for a color not available in our selector, please contact us for options.
  • 3D-printed items are typically made to order. There may be a small delay when ordering.
  • This is not meant as a free-standing base - it is meant to be mounted to a wall/ceiling/etc. using a standard wall/ceiling mount.
  • Does NOT include mount or Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Does NOT fit the Raspberry Pi 3B+ or earlier due to USB-C and Micro HDMI slots.

Warranty is valid for one year, starting upon date of receipt.

The following video is for our Smoothcam case for the Raspberry Pi 3, but is very similar to the Smoothcam case for the Raspberry Pi 4.

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