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USB 2.0 eMMC Module Writer

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This reader/writer module adapts eMMC modules to be recognized by your personal computer, via USB 2.0, for the purpose of reading contents and flashing OS and other information.


  • In our tests, this module recognizes eMMCs up to and including 64GB in size, but doesn't recognize 128GB eMMCs.


Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
wont work with xu4 16gb emmc

don't waste your time with a product that doesn't work

It is possible your unit is defective. Have you tried it with any other eMMCs?

Nathan Soares

It worked with my 8GB but with my new 16GB it didn't work but it is certainly a problem with the card and not with the reader.

Doa, and no response from A'droid

I tried a half dozen times with verified images, and this would not etch Linux into an emmc card successfully. Luckily I'd purchased an SD card adapter too, so I know the emmc and image were fine. I wrote Ameridroid over a week ago, and haven't heard back.

Sorry about the slow response times. Due to COVID, our staff is only working a few hours a day in non-overlapping shifts. This is leading to longer-than-normal response times.

It doesn't look like much but it works well.

Went with this instead of the SD adapter due to reported problems with some SD readers. Glad I did. I've used it repeatedly and it continues to work perfectly. It's barebones, inexpensive, and like everything else I've purchased from Ameridroid so far, works well.

We work hard to curate the products that we sell. Thanks for the comments!