6 Channel Stepper Motor Controller Board for M1S


The Stepmotor Controller board is designed to control up to 6 step motors and support CAN-FD bus, its layout and pinout are especially organised for 3D printer.


  • On board DC step down power supply to provide 5V to ODROID-M1S
  • 6x step motor driver module support
  • 1x CAN-FD bus support
  • 1x ADC channel
  • 2x GPIO inputs
  • 1x MOSFET output


Form Factor Board dimension : 90 (L) x 65 (W) x 16 (H) mm
Power input 1x terminal block (7.62mm pitch)
* ODROID-M1S will be powered via this terminal.
I/O 6x Step motor connector
* Step motor driver module is required.
1x CAN bus
1x ADC input
1x MOSTFET output
2x GPIO input (internal pull up)


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