ameriDroid VU7 Tablet Kit (3D Printed)


Build your own custom modular tablet!

The pictured tablet has a green front and back. Many front/back color options available. The sides will come printed in frost ABS.

The example tablet above utilizes the ODROID-VU7 and ODROID-C1+, and has an internal 4-port USB hub* which provides a total of 7 free USB ports. 2 of the 7 free USB ports in the example tablet are populated with a USB Audio Adapter*, a 3W mini stereo audio amplifier*, two 2W speakers* and a WiFi Module 3* -- with room to spare. A UPS2-C1/C2* battery backup is also installed.

Of course, you can configure your tablet project in a way that suits your needs or desires!

* Available separately on this site.


  • Fits the ODROID-VU7 touchscreen
  • ABS Plastic
  • 3D printed on high-end consumer 3D printers at a resolution of 0.25mm layer height or better - each unit is printed individually, and as such may have slight imperfections.
  • Additionally fits the ODROID-C0, C1+ and C2 single board computers, and most other SBCs, although the flush HDMI and microUSB "Zender" units are designed specifically to work with the ODROID-C series. Additional cables are supplied to support most other SBCs. OS support for the touchscreen may vary. The touchscreen driver is included in the standard ODROID Linux and Android distributions.
  • Enough room to add a UPS2/UPS3-C1/C2 battery unit with mounting holes plus other items.
  • Includes front bezel, back panel, four side panels, nuts, bolts, spacers and hex key for the M3 bolts, plus feet for the back panel.
  • Side panels keyed for HDMI and microUSB ports, VU7 backlight on/off switch, UPS2 charging port, and UPS2 on/off switch
  • Side panels are perforated for air flow.
  • Access to Ethernet and 2 USB ports on the ODROID-C0/C1/C1+/RPi/BPi without opening case.
This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit - some modifications and finishing touches may need to be performed when assembling the tablet.
3D-printed items may have small imperfections and cosmetic flaws. These imperfections will not interfere with the performance or fit of the parts.


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