Chroma C0/C1/C1+/C2 Servo Board

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The Chroma C Servo Board allows control of up to eight radio-control (RC) servos or electronic speed controllers (ESC) via the GPIO pins on the C0/C1/C1+/C2 (or Raspberry Pi, Banana Series, or ODROID-W).  Commands are sent as simple ASCII.  The 2x13 pin header on top of the Servo Board is a pass-through to allow connecting other cards to the GPIO port.  Output is buffered and converted to 5V.



  • Control up to 8 RC servos or ESCs
  • Commands sent in simple ASCII
  • Buffered output converted to 5V
  • Pass-through 2x13 pin header
  • Programmable AVR with open-source software
  • Unmounted 8-pin connector exposes 6 GPIO pins of ATmega8 MCU, +3.3V and ground



  • Works on the C0/C1/C1+/C2 and all versions of the Raspberry Pi, Banana Series and ODROID-W.
  • Requires the XU4 Shifter Shield to work with the XU3/XU4.



Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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