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GameSir G3w USB Controller Joystick

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Out of stock

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The GameSir G3w utilizes a 32-bit MCU chip, delivering computing capability of up to 48 million operations per second giving it high sensitivity and accuracy in overall performance.

A floating D-pad makes it easier to discern between the eight compass points, and the analog joysticks have 360-degree positioning for ultra-accurate control.

The physically designed function buttons, which are solid and responsive with a firm action, can be pressed with no effort. The pressure sensitivity of the R2/L2 buttons allow players to accurately perceive travel, making it much easier to play car racing and drifting games.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alex Hudspeth
Update, 3 Years Later

I recently upgraded a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF with a GTX 1650, and threw some games on it. The rig performed better than expected, but the GameSir? BAM! Super smooth, and much to my surprise, it has dual-shock style vibration feedback! This was NOT expected out of a $20 usb controller, but much appreciated. Perfect for Rocket League, Halo 2, Asphalt Legends, and pretty much any other game I throw at it. Very happy.

Alexander T Hudspeth

Guys, this is an amazing controller. I've been trying to map a cheap N64 controller to Retropie, with nothing but headaches (why doesn't N64 have a "select" button?).
But I digress. This controller is slick! Smooth action, bright lights (which don't overload the Raspberry Pi) and super responsive.

Will buy again.

Thanks for the nice review, Alexander!

Great controllers

Bought two of these and they work great on PC/Linux/Android

The quality of them for the price is very high, good feeling seemingly sturdy buttons that are led lit. works perfectly in windows games for me and for emulation on windows and on retropie for XU4 and raspberry pi.

One thing to note; the controller has two different modes, you can switch modes by holding the center G button down for about 5 seconds.