H4 Mini-ITX Kit

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This is a kit that adapts the form factor so that the H4 board can be mounted on a Mini-ITX case for a desktop PC or a DIY-NAS.


  • The base panel.
  • The IO shield-like rear panel plus support panel.
  • Necessary standoffs and screws.
  • The 24-Pin female ATX PSU starter on/off switch jumper bridge cable plus the red switch (as shown in the photo below.)
  • The MOLEX-to-DC Plug cable. Therefore, you can supply power to any of the H4 boards with any ATX PSU (including SFF PSU).

Important Note
The ATX PSU brings 12V to the H4 board. If you use SATA hard-disks, SSDs or other devices, power them from the ATX PSU, not from the H4 board. Reason: a H4 board can only correctly power disks when powered itself by a 19V/133W power brick, especially at cold boot time. Meanwhile, even a low level 250+Watt ATX PSU will have no trouble powering a H4 board and all the attached peripherals. If you use a discrete graphics card (with an optional M.2 to PCIe adapter), use a more powerful ATX PSU to cover the power consumption of the graphics card.

The H4 Mini-ITX Kit is designed only for the H4 boards and is not compatible with the H2/H3 boards.

    Package contents:

    • Rear side bracket cover
    • 4 x 40mm (M/F) PCB Supports (Steel)
    • 2 x 32mm (M/F) PCB Supports (Steel)
    • 4 x 6mm Truss Head Bolts
    • 24-Pin female ATX PSU starter on/off switch jumper bridge cable
    • IDE-to-DC Plug cable

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