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Designed for the ODROID-XU4. Case snaps together without the use of screws. Made from high-quality aluminum and laser-cut for high dimensional accuracy. 

It's a fact that ODROID protection is very important. Sensitive devices need to have care taken, and for this very reason makers who own these boards are looking for durable cases which not only protect the device but keep it fully functional as well. There are other relevant products available in the market, but the core issue lies with the quality/price trade-off. Plastic or acrylic cases are often not the best choice, and metal cases are often too expensive. Striking a balance between cost and quality is the KKSB ODROID-XU4 Case.

This is a high quality metallic ODROID case and it is very affordable with a lot of utility. The features of the KKSB ODROID-XU4 Case are exactly the reason that this product is an optimal choice for anyone looking for reliable ODROID cases in metal.


  • Designed specifically for ODROID-XU4
  • Supports excellent ventilation with extended vents
  • Laser-cut precision
  • High-grade aluminum alloy
  • Heat management and durability are optimized
  • Supports cutouts for 3x USB, Ethernet, microSD, GPIO Ribbon, HDMI and DC Jack.

Heat management is the most important factor that any ODROID case must fully support and the KKSB ODROID-XU4 case with extended vents meets the needs. It has been designed to ensure full functionality of the board and keeping it accessible at all times. In addition, the case has an excellent finish.

Does not include an ODROID-XU4.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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