Tinker Mystery Box


This Tinker Mystery Box is perfect for those with experience in SBCs and an interest in electronics. Inside you will find well over $100 of single-board computers and accessories that have been returned by previous customers and tested by our crew. Many of these SBCs and accessories may have small defects but were at least functional to some degree when tested - some may be unusable in their present state but contain usable parts, others may be fully functional and previously used. You may also find accessories, overstock items and outdated products we no longer offer.

Help give these products a last chance at life before they end up in the scrap yard!

This mystery box is designed for people who enjoy tinkering and bringing new life to imperfect electronics. This box is not designed for people who are looking for purely functional or new products, although some fully functional and new products will be included in each box.

Pictures are examples of some of the mystery items we're shipping - each box is unique with a variety of interesting and/or imperfect products. All mystery boxes are as-is and all sales are final (no returns or refunds).

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