Multi I/O Training Board for M1S

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Multi I/O Training Board is designed to help one to add or extend various peripheral connections to GPIO pin header that used be done using jumper wires. Separating signals on GPIO header to multiple connections per different type of signals, this will help to easy wiring to peripheral devices and evaluate them. Also this board include several simple components that helps to test or use hardware functions.



Form Factor Board dimension : 90 (L) x 65 (W) x 16 (H) mm
I/O 2x I2C bus (J4 & J7, J7 is dedicated for 128×64 OLED display
1x LED
1x RTC (PCF8563) with backup battery socket (CR1620)
5x tack switches
2x buttons (SW1 is for power & SW2 is for board reset)
1x 2CH ADC input
1x RS232 port
2x SPI connection (J5 & J9)
1x GPIO input/output
1x MOSFET (IRLR2905TRPBF) output (PWM)
1x 5V FAN control output (PWM)



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