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PineCube Single Cube Computer

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The PineCube is a computer with the main goal of providing a platform for a small, inexpensive IP camera solution with interchangeable lenses and additional customization features.

Please read the NOTES section below for important considerations before deciding to purchase.


  • BODY:
    • Dimensions: 55mm x 51mm x 51.5mm
    • Weight: 55 grams
    • Build: 3 pieces PCBs assembled together on a plastic frame
    • Sensor: OV5640 5Mpixel auto-focus
    • interchangeable M12 lens
    • SoC: Allwinner (Sochip) S3
    • CPU: 800MHz ARM Cortex-A7 MPCore
    • Internal: embedded on SoC 128MB DDR3
    • Additional: 128Mb SPI NOR Flash
    • External: MicroSD slot, bootable
    • WiFi 2.4G 11n/g/b
    • 10/100Mbps Ethernet with passive PoE
    • Sensors: Photoresistor, Microphone
    • Speakers
    • Volume and home buttons
    • Infra-Red LED array for night vision
    • 4.5″ RGB LCD screen
    • 3.7V 1200-1600mAh model: 903048 Lipo Battery
  • The PineCube Single Cube Computer Dev Kit aimed solely for development purpose only and not a ready-to-use end product.
  • The PineCube Dev Kit is not for end users looking for a fully-functioning IP Camera.


December 2020 Community Update - Indexed to PineCube section

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