Resistor Starter Kit - 400 Pieces

Out of Stock, can be pre-ordered

Out of stock

This kit comes with enough resistors for most projects at an affordable price. Great for people who are just starting out with electronics.

  • 1/4 Watt, 5% tolerance, carbon film resistors
  • 16 Values, 400 Pieces
  • Individually bagged and labeled
  • Color code chart printed on lid
  • 25 each of the following 16 standard ohm values:10, 22, 47, 100, 220, 470, 1k, 2.2k, 4.7k, 10k, 22k, 47k, 100k, 220k, 470k, 1M
  • Max Working: 250V
  • Max Overload: 500V

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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